VACAVILLE (KPIX) – Starbucks has issued an apology after yet another customer has accused the company of racism.

Filipino-American Air Force veteran Johncarl Festejo said he was shocked when he heard his order called at a Vacaville Starbucks counter last week.

“A few minutes later I was just waiting in that area and next thing, you know what, I hear ‘Is there a Chang here? We have, is there a Chang? We have a hot cocoa,'” said Festejo.

Instead of “John” –as he had told the barista, his cup said “Chang” which not only is not his name but something more offensive.

The word ‘Chang’ is sometimes used as a racial slur to describe an Asian man.

Festejo said the situation was especially embarrassing because the whole thing happened in front of his twelve-year-old daughter.

He did get an apology from a Starbucks District Manager. The company said they are conducting an investigation and the employee involved is not scheduled to work again until it is complete.

This is the latest of several cases of Starbucks customer complaints of racist treatment at the coffee shop.

In response to the backlash, last May the company shut down its stores for a day to give employees mandatory racial-bias training.

Comments (5)
  1. Mimi Chen says:

    I’m Asian and I don’t think this is a racist incident. First off, it is easy to mishear John and Chang. And Chang is very much an Asian name

  2. Gerry Pong says:

    C’mon lighten up. I’m 76 and have never heard “Chang” use as a slur. “Ching Chong Chinaman” used in a song but not chang. Some Starbucks users are just too sensitive.

  3. Jenni Li says:

    It’s loud in that particular Starbucks, and in most Starbucks these days with people watching videos at their seats without earbuds and the piped hipster music blasting. (I almost hate to go in there anymore for that reason.) Often the baristas get my name wrong, or ask me to speak up when I ask a question because it’s even harder to hear behind the counter and close to the steaming urns, grinding beans, etc. I’m sure the employee just misheard. Now I understand the “victim” is exploring legal avenues because he and his daughter are suffering “trauma.” Pul-lease. Dude, you’ve never known trauma. Go to the Philippines, where I’ve also been, if you want to know trauma. Otherwise shut your face. *This* is why Trump got elected.

  4. Paul Wong says:

    Really, Chang is offensive. Oh lord. Man, I should get upset when I am called ABC.

  5. icemachine79 says:

    I have never heard “Chang” used as a slur against Asian people. I’ve heard something similar that begins with “ch” used as a slur but it’s definitely not Chang.

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