SAN JOSE (KPIX) – A billboard with a strange message connecting feminists, eggs, and animal rights is turning heads in the South Bay, but turning some women off.

It was put up by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, and it basically says ‘you can’t eat eggs and still consider yourself a feminist.’

It’s often been PETA’s strategy to be provocative. The idea is that it’s okay to say something a little outlandish or a little offensive, or just out of left field, if it brings attention to your cause, which in this case is the ethical treatment of animals in the farm industry.

A new ad campaign, titled ‘You Can’t be an Egg-Eating Feminist,’ is definitely in keeping with the tradition of being provocative.

The second line of the billboard reads, “Eggs and Dairy Are a Product of the Abuse of Females.”

“Many people who consider themselves feminists are unthinkingly supporting this violence against females every single day by consuming these cruel foods,” says the narrator in a video for the ad campaign.

So basically, the message is urging people to go vegan.

KPIX 5 talked to several women who say they’re both feminists and animal lovers, and they had strong reactions to the billboard.

“We have a movement right now that’s loud and strong and it’s being heard finally,” said feminist Amy Carlson. “To tie it to animal rights, that’s going to go down a whole other path.”

Anna Moore, who is also a feminist, doesn’t like the ad at all.

“I was shocked that they actually put that up there,” said Moore. “Like, I thought it was actually really stupid. It just seemed really ignorant honestly.”

In a press release, PETA said they hope their message finds a receptive audience in Silicon Valley.

“San Jose is a city of strong women and thoughtful students which makes it the perfect place to spark a conversation about the blatant misogyny of the egg and dairy industries,” it said.

Although the ad doesn’t specifically address it, PETA is taking aim at twin targets — both the egg and dairy industry.

Comments (24)
  1. Kim Marie says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with this billboard. Hens are repeatedly impregnated against their will, their offspring is kidnapped from them, and when their tired bodies cannot produce more eggs, they are slaughtered. Stand up for all women by ditching eggs.

    1. Doug Roberts says:

      Perhaps feminists should concern themselves more with THEIR eggs and stop slaughering their pre-born young. And even on small farms, chickens that no longer produce are eaten.

  2. My mom remembers the time when, as a woman, she couldn’t open her own checking account and had to have her dad’s signature on a check to buy a car. She’s one of the biggest animal rights activists I know. I think her experience with oppression only strengthens her empathy with others experiencing the same.

  3. The eggs we consume are unfertilized. The hens are NOT impregnated to get them to produce. Laying hens are luckier than broiler chickens. They get to live. PETA would like to exterminate chickens all together.
    For every victory PETA racks up, we are all closer to losing every domestic animal to extinction. That includes pampered pets. Animal rights is a bad philosophy. Animal welfare is what we should emphasize, with input from experts in their fields, not from people who have feelings about what an animal wants or needs.

  4. Paula Renee says:

    If we reject violence against women, we can’t support an industry in which some of the most vulnerable females on Earth are confined against their will, denied their freedom, and slaughtered when they outlive their “usefulness.” We cannot eat eggs without betraying our core values.

  5. I 100% agree with this statement. As a feminist, I do not consume dairy, meat or eggs for the sake of ALL animals. Artificial Insemination is rape!

    1. Doug Roberts says:

      Even for women who request it? You’ve got to be talking about the rape of women since laying hens’ eggs are not fertilized. And they certainly wouldn’t be artificially inseminated.

  6. Reyn Mansson says:

    Serious silliness from PETA. I’m no scientist, I can tell the difference between a human woman and a chicken. One has Rights and the other is best fried

  7. And, the whole time I’m reading this article, I’m wondering why the lady on the billboard’s face is blurred out… :-/

  8. John Q. Adams says:

    “Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.”
    – Freidrich Schiller