by Andria BorbaBy Andria Borba

HAYWARD (KPIX 5) — Oakland police officers have taken five people into custody following a robbery at a marijuana dispensary warehouse in Hayward.

An employee at the Hayward dispensary warehouse was beaten and locked in a safe Wednesday night.

The group, seven in total, was being surveilled by Oakland’s Operation Ceasefire team. The employee declined medical treatment.

The group of five had been under surveillance for the past month in connection with a string of burglaries and robberies at cannabis clubs and dispensaries around the Bay Area.

OPD served warrants in three cities on Thursday: Oakland, Hayward and Stockton, where the gang’s hideout was.

“This has been a long term investigation with multiple locations. I will see that the evidentiary value in terms of cameras have immensely assisted in our investigation,” said Oakland police captain Ersie Joyner III.

KPIX has learned it’s not just Alameda and San Joaquin counties involved but the investigation will also lead to dispensary robbery and burglary cases in San Mateo and San Francisco counties as well.

The case has been handed over to the Alameda County District Attorney’s office, who will prosecute the cases. Information about the suspects identities is expected to be released on Monday.


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