SANTA CLARA (KPIX 5) – Santa Clara police on Friday released body camera footage of an incident involving a former 49er football player and his off-and-on-again girlfriend months after the couple made national headlines amid domestic violence allegations.

Officers were called to the 4500 block of Carlyle Court shortly after 11 p.m. on October 12 regarding reports of a loud argument.

When officers arrived, their cameras captured the sound of yelling outside the couple’s apartment.

Foster answered the door and emerged from the apartment alone and was questioned by officers, who asked to speak with his girlfriend Elissa Ennis to determine that she was alright.

When officers asked Ennis if she would step aside and speak with one of the officers, Foster brusquely waved her over, repeatedly saying “Talk to them!”

Foster was placed in handcuffs as police interviewed Ennis. At the time, she claimed that it was just a verbal argument and nothing physical happened, but photos released by police on Friday appear to show some injuries.

Red marks and what appear to be bruises can be seen on both sides of her face.

Ennis has since claimed that Foster has physically attacked her three times this year.

The most recent alleged incident was less than two weeks ago in Tampa. Foster is accused of hitting Ennis and knocking a phone out of her hand.

After that altercation, police went to the 49ers team hotel and arrested Foster.

foster arrest mug shot kpix

foster arrest mug shot kpix

The 49ers kicked him off the team the next day. He still faces a domestic violence charge.

On Thursday, Ennis gave an interview on on ABC’s Good Morning America and said the Washington Redskins’ decision to pick Foster up just days after his arrest felt like “a slap in the face.”

Foster signed with the team last week.

“I just couldn’t believe somebody picked him up in less than — how many hours?” the ex-girlfriend said Thursday. “Like, I was shocked.”

Ennis told GMA it was the third time an incident like this one had happened, including a February case that resulted in a criminal charge against Foster and another occasion in October when “neighbors called the police.”

Ennis also said the incident in Tampa came after Foster arranged for her to fly to the Florida city to see him.

“He invited me to come see him in Florida, and I came, and he took one of my phones, and he slapped me and pushed me,” she said. “I told him I was going to tell his new girlfriend that he paid for my flight out there. So, that’s what triggered it.”

Late Friday, the 49ers put out a statement saying they were not aware of Foster’s October encounter with police.

The NFL is not allowing Foster to play or practice for the time being.