By Andria Borba

OAKLAND (KPIX) – As welcome as the rain is after months upon months of dry conditions in the Bay Area, along with that rain comes unwelcome poisonous mushrooms.

The East Bay Regional Parks district sent out a warning about two invasive and deadly species that are often found in the Bay: ‘Death Cap’ and ‘Destroying Angel’ mushrooms.

“They can come up at any time. They grow primarily with live oak trees,” says fungi expert Debbie Viess. “But they have also been found with pine trees up in Marin and on other types of trees as well.”

She says people should be on the lookout for a cap that expands when it’s young, a veil that covers it and then drops into a skirt on the stem and a bulb at the base with a sack around it.

When the rains come, the poisonous mushrooms look appetizing to both human and canine alike.

“Sometimes they smell sweet like honey or sometimes they smell like decay and nasty. They’re really attractive to dogs,” says Viess.

Some pet owners in Alamo Square were unaware of the danger.

“It’s not something I was aware of, but we do have a new five month old puppy – he picks up lots of things. It’s great to know that because it could be a dangerous one,” said dog owner David Cyvulski.

With both people and animals, time is of the essence to save lives.

“If you get that dog to a vet within that first hour and make them vomit, then you’re out of the woods. The longer you wait, the more serious it is and more expensive its gonna be for you,” says Viess.


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