ROTTERDAM (CBS News) — Police in the Netherlands are investigating the shocking murder earlier this week of an American student from Minnesota who graduated from high school in Shasta County.

CBS News reports authorities said the girl’s roommate has been placed under arrest in connection with her death.

Dutch police were called to this apartment building after neighbors heard arguing and screaming. Officers found 21-year-old Sarah Papenheim in a pool of blood.

The Minnesota native was stabbed to death at her home Wednesday, not far from Erasmus University in Rotterdam where she was studying.

The prime suspect is her roommate, a 23-year-old Dutch man whose name has not been released. Police arrested him at a train station in the southern city of Eindhoven attempting to flee the area.

The suspect was arraigned in a closed-door hearing before an investigating judge later on Friday, who ordered him detained for two more weeks while the investigation continued.

Papenheim’s classmates are shocked by her killing.

“A lot of sadness but also a lot of fear, in case like something like this might happen again,” said one student

Back in Shasta County, the community is in mourning over the loss of the popular former student.

Teachers at Foothill High School were remembering Papenheim for her love of percussion and as a vibrant light around campus.

“She found people to play with and bands to be involved with. Some music was just…where ever she was in the world, it was constant,” said Mitch Bahr, her former music teacher at Foothill High.

Bahr said she wanted to be a great female drummer.

Papenheim graduated from the high school in 2015.

She was studying psychology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Papenheim reportedly chose the major after her brother committed suicide three years ago.

Her mother, left grieving thousands of miles away, told a Minnesota newspaper, “My only two kids and I’ve lost them both.”

Papenheim’s mother told local media her daughter had been arguing with her roommate for weeks, but she didn’t know how tense things had become.

Back in the U.S., members of Minnesota’s music scene are also mourning. Papenheim was a skilled drummer, who performed often in the Twin Cities.

Garry George “Jellybean” Johnson was Papenheim’s musical mentor, a drummer, guitarist and producer best known as frequent collaborator of the late Minneapolis funk giant Prince and a member of the Time. He also produced a number of hits for R&B acts like Janet Jackson and New Edition.

“I’m still numb from it. I still can’t believe that something this bad happened to her, especially. Because she was such a great kid,” said Johnson.

The murder comes just days before Papenheim was set to fly home for Christmas.

Papenheim’s mom is raising money to bring her body home. She says the transportation and funeral will cost more than $40,000.