By Andria Borba

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — At the USPS Facility in San Francisco’s Bayview district, the first break employees will get is on Christmas Day.

The 650,000 square foot facility is processing 300,000 packages every single day.

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“It’s like a nightclub, but there’s no dancing on this floor, though,” says USPS spokesperson Augie Ruiz.

Just this week, the employees will push through more than two million packages in time for Christmas.

For the average package, the trip from dock to destination is about 45 minutes.

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“Once they scan it on here, it has like a DNA code. The computer recognizes it and it kicks it off in the appropriate bin,” Ruiz said.

And it’s not just packages; the employees at the Bayview are sorting and sending out 1.2 million Christmas cards per day.

On its 242nd Christmas, the USPS knows they have the market cornered.

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“Until somebody figures out how to email a sweater–we’ll deliver it,” Ruiz said.