By Joe Vazquez

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A San Francisco cop who allegedly robbed a Sunset District bank is also accused of stealing from an elderly neighbor in Burlingame, San Mateo County officials said.

Rain Daugherty, a 20-year veteran of the San Francisco police department, is now facing criminal charges in San Mateo County.

“We have accused him of committing felony elder abuse by stealing from someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia,” said Steve Wagstaffe, the San Mateo County District Attorney.

While living on Hoover Avenue in Burlingame, Wagstaffe says Daugherty befriended an elderly neighbor, ran errands for the man, then eventually began using the victim’s bank cash card.

“In September of 2017, over a 3-month period, he made well over 30 different withdrawals from the ATM,” Wagstaffe said, adding that he did not have the permission of the victim. “That card has not been used before by the victim.”

One of the red flags that led to his arrest is the fact that police discovered Daugherty had used the neighbor’s check card to buy cat food.

“What they found was some cat food receipts,” Wagstaffe said. “Unauthorized [purchases] because the victim would not need to purchase any cat food … because there was no cat.”

Daugherty had a cat but the victim did not.

Along with the cat food, investigators also found cocaine, oxycodone and two other prescription drugs for which Daugherty did not have a prescription. Wagstaffe said the drug charges are misdemeanors.

Daugherty is accused of robbing the East West Bank on Irving Street in San Francisco’s Sunset District last month, November 29. Federal prosecutors say Daugherty handed the teller a note demanding cash, then walked out with just over $9,000.


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