By Christin Ayers

SAUSALITO (CBS SF) – A man died and a woman was injured when they went overboard from a small rowboat on Richardson Bay Monday afternoon.

Witnesses said they tried to convince the couple, who were in their forties, not to cross the windy, choppy bay because a small craft advisory was in effect.

“They were in the boat, no life jackets, nothing on,” said Tim Logan, who lives on a nearby houseboat and tried to rescue the man and woman. “Neither one of them could swim and they wanted to go out in this kind of weather. It’s ridiculous.”

Logan said the man and woman were trying to reach the man’s houseboat, roughly 300 yards from the dock, but halfway there, they were overcome by waves.

“Next thing I know, I hear something hit the water and I look up to where they were at and they were both in the water,” said Logan.

He said his own boat is equipped with a throw ring and multiple life vests, but the engine had stalled and he was unable to cross the water to reach the couple.

When firefighters arrived, they said the woman was above water, but the man was submerged and had suffered a heart attack.

“They were transported to our local hospital where the male was later declared deceased,” said Southern Marin Fire District Battalion Chief Matt Barnes.

The woman had injuries but was expected to live.

Logan said the incident taught him an invaluable lesson:

“Don’t ignore any weather advisories, whatever you do. Take a life vest with you,” he said. “If you’re going out on the water, in any kind of conditions like it was today, take a life vest. Life is too precious.”

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  1. Holly Davis-Clark says:

    Harper – how dare you. This is someone’s life you are wishing away. They weren’t out partying, they were trying to get to his house, read the article. How do you think people who live in houseboats get there? You are a complete idiot and horrible human being. You talk about stupid people in our society, well mean, hateful, heartless people are much more dangerous. To think – karma is a horrible thing and someone soon will be wishing you or your family death. Karma sucks. Hope when someone you know dies – some stupid person like yourself won’t post hateful comments.