NAPA (CBS SF) — More than four years after it was heavily damaged in the 2014 6.1 magnitude Napa Earthquake, the rebuilt county courthouse re-opened its doors Monday.

The courthouse at 825 Brown St. sustained major damage and had been unoccupied since the quake.

Court calendars and services were reshuffled and handled in various locations, including the Criminal Courthouse and Jury Assembly room in the Hall of Records.

Richmond-based Alten Construction began an $11.6 million repair in October 2017. The work included a 16,000-square-foot historical renovation, structural retrofit and new restrooms, according to Alten Construction’s website.

The project also included deconstruction, hazardous mold and lead abatement, structural, electrical and mechanical and fire protection work and interior finishes.

Antique masonry, doors, windows, millwork, casework and lighting fixtures were salvaged, according to Alten Construction.

“I’m thrilled we’ve made it this far,” Napa County Superior Court Presiding Judge Elia Ortiz said in a news release. “It’s been a long four and a half years and we greatly appreciate the spirit and dedication exhibited by everyone in continuing to serve the public after such a significant natural disaster and lengthy recovery.”

The 825 Brown St. entrance will again be the main entrance to the entire facility, and the Jury Assembly Room will continue to be used for jurors reporting for duty and will no longer be used as a temporary courtroom.


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