SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Fire officials recovered the body of a deceased person on the cliff side near the overlooking Cliff House restaurant, the San Francisco Fire Department announced on Monday evening.

The body was found almost directly down the cliff from Louis’s Cafe, which is just northeast of the Cliff House.

SFFD received earlier reports at around 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon about a sunken vessel in the waters nearby, but determined that the body on shore was unrelated to that incident.

However, SFFD said around 7:00 p.m. that the U.S. Coast Guard was investigating a new report of a sunken sail boat, which happened one mile from the shore on which the body washed up.

A KPIX 5 reporter went to the scene and walked along the trail near where the body was recovered, close to the Sutro Baths. Up the trail, it was discovered that a makeshift home structure had been made inside of an abandoned pump house.

It appeared someone was living in the structure; several belongings, including a bloodied bed, were found inside.

The Coast Guard confirmed that they were searching for two potential sunken boats after reports, but they later confirmed that the body found on shore was not related to any coastal sinking incident.

The recovered body will be investigated by the U.S. Park Police, fire officials said. KPIX 5 reached out to the Park Police to gather more information, but they said their spokesman, who is not determined to be “essential,” is not available due to the government shutdown.

It was not clear whether the death was a result of a homicide, a suicide or an accident.