by John Palminteri

GOLETA (CBS/KEYT-TV) — An upcoming Super Bowl commercial has quite the flap involving a dog from California’s central coast.

The spot features the vintage sound of Bob Dylan singing and, atop a Budweiser beer wagon, is a Dalmatian from Goleta. The dog’s official name is CG Fyrehouse N Xanadu’s Phoebe. Her breeder got a call for a commercial shoot a few months back.

They wanted an adult Dalmatian and also checked out a granddaughter from one of the 17 litters Eleanor Winters has overseen.

“Worked out they wanted Fancy and Phoebe and one of them would be a second. Turned out my Phoebe got it and Fancy didn’t,” said Winters.

She knew it was a Budweiser commercial but wasn’t sure how prominently featured it would be. Soon, she said, “I finally got the picture that it was *the* Budweiser commercial for the Super Bowl.

One look at Phoebe’s ears and jowls pushed around by the wind and you are caught up in the message which spotlights the company’s green-energy brewing process more than it does the beverage itself.

“They had a wind machine to get that effect,” said Winters.