(CBS SF) — The California Highway Patrol is warning about a scam involving motorists who appear to be disabled on the freeway who flag down Good Samaritans to victimize.

The CHP said in a Facebook post that over the past few months it has received numerous 911 calls from people who have given money to motorists stopped on the freeway or county roads.

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According to the CHP, vehicle occupants would flag down motorists and say they need money for gas. In exchange they would offer to sell jewelry they are wearing at the time, such as necklaces, rings, and watches stamped 18K.

The people seeking help say the jewelry is worth more than the amount of money being requested, and offer stories of why they need the money – such as a lost wallet or a family member in the hospital, the CHP said.

The CHP described the suspects as working as a group or family with young children in tow, who dress professionally, speak with accents and are believed to be Romanian.

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The suspect vehicles are described as generally SUV style and rentals.

Anyone with information was urged to contact the CHP Central Division at (559) 277-7250.



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