CUPERTINO (CBS SF) – The Mayor of Cupertino faces scrutiny after apparently joking that his community should build a wall along its borders and have neighboring cities pay for it.

Mayor Steven Scharf made the comments in the introduction of his State of the City address on January 30th.

“You have heard about the wall along our southern border,” Scharf said, referencing President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. “This is the wall around Cupertino. We have a big problem with all these Teslas coming through our city from Saratoga and other people from other cities, so we came up with this proposal.”

Mayor Steven Scharf of Cupertino jokes about building a wall around his community during his State of The City address on January 30, 2019. (City of Cupertino / YouTube)

Mayor Steven Scharf of Cupertino jokes about building a wall around his community during his State of The City address on January 30, 2019. (City of Cupertino / YouTube)

“San Jose will be mainly paying for it, so it’s not coming out of our own taxes. Saratoga will give a little bit too, since they are a big contributor to our traffic issue,” the mayor went on to say.

The mayor accompanied his comments with a PowerPoint slide that read “Securing Our Borders With the Cupertino Wall” and “Saratoga, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, and San Jose Will Pay For It,” referring to the five communities that border the city.

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Scharf’s comments were roundly criticized by housing advocates who have often complained that the city of 60,000 and home to Apple has resisted new homes amid the ongoing housing crisis in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.

Lan Diep, a city councilmember in neighboring San Jose (District 4), also responded to Scharf’s comments on Twitter. Diep, along with other members of the council, posed with signs saying they would not pay for such a wall.

“I think the idea of a wall, creating barriers around communities, whether it’s a wall along the southern border or a wall around cities, is not a good idea,” said Diep.

Cupertino residents didn’t take kindly to the mayor’s words, either.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s a friendly city. We have no border,” said Cupertino resident Doborah Kuo, who is originally from Taiwan.

Shcarf’s comments come at a time of tension between Cupertino and San Jose. Cupertino accuses its big neighbor of building large projects on its doorstep, leaving Cupertino with more traffic.
And San Jose accuses Cupertino of not doing its fair share to build affordable housing to help solve the regional crisis of homelessness.

“You can’t wall yourself off from these issues. These issues are all of our problem,” said homeless and housing advocate Pastor Scott Wagers of CHAM Deliverance Ministries.

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The entire State of the City Address 2019 can be watched on YouTube.

Advocates point to the long saga involving the redevelopment of the mostly empty Vallco shopping center as an example of the city’s attitude towards the housing crunch. After ballot measures and much debate, the City Council approved a mixed-use project with nearly 3,000 housing units, along with offices and retail on the site last September.

Several weeks later, opponents worried about potential traffic impacts and overcrowded schools gathered enough signatures to place a referendum on a future ballot to reverse the plan.

According to Zillow, the median home value in Cupertino is $2,255,700, and the real estate company expects home values in the city to rise more than 6 percent this year.

Mayor Scharf did not return emails or phone calls to KPIX 5, but one of the mayor’s supporters said the comments are being taken out of context.

“I’m sure he wishes that he wouldn’t have said it given the fact that it’s not been taken as maybe it was given,” said Rick Challman, who said he has known Mayor Scharf for years and considers him
a friend.

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  1. Brad R Dezirt says:

    Build and call it the Great Wall West since the demographic makeup of Cupertino is almost 90% Chinese.

  2. Andrew Taylor says:

    It’s true what they say. Progressives have no sense of humor. The mayor made a “build the wall” joke to poke fun at his upscale neighboring communities. While not high comedy, it was amusing enough and the joke was obvious. But people must always be offended today…

  3. Jay Patterson says:

    So does this prove that humor is dead? People really need to lighten up.

  4. Clark Summers says:

    What’s the problem with Teslas?

  5. James Harvey says:

    Well look at that… fill Cupertino with Chinese and suddenly they want a wall to keep outsiders out.

  6. Elena Tbuor says:

    Here lies humor. RIP

  7. Alberto Perez says:

    Oh come on people, that is funny! Lighten up!

  8. Michael Schuldes says:

    He should have known better…libs/progs have NO sense of humor….

  9. Mike Schnur says:

    Leftists can’t even take leftist jokes.

  10. Mark H Smith says:

    Mayor Scharf made a funny and entertaining presentation with his wall around Cupertino. He was trying to have a little fun, to make a joke…I think it’s hilarious!

    But what he did instead was fire up the perpetually angry America haters. They have no sense of humor, only misery. Nothing is every funny, nothing is ever good enough, nothing is ever right. They are the least tolerant, the most racist, the most bigoted among us.
    It’s a shame they have to inflict their hatred on everybody else.

  11. Geneticists will eventually prove that the defective gene that causes Progressive Liberalism is also responsible for their thin skin, inability for rational thought, and their utter lack of a sense of humor.

  12. Dear Mr. Mayor: You are bald. A comb over is worse. People are laughing behind your back, trust me.

  13. John Smith says:

    How about we build a wall around the entire state of California to keep the CRAZY contained? I’d vote for that.

  14. Douglas Masnaghetti says:

    The twisted, psychotic liberal mind.

  15. David Seaver says:

    Things are quite good here in MO where job growth is thru the roof, you can buy a very nice home on a large lot for $225K, taxes are relatively low, great schools, and ANTIFI wouldn’t dare to show up in rural MO.

  16. Liberals are hateful, close-minded bigots with zero sense of humor.

  17. Okay, I know that was meant to be a slam against Trump, and I’m a Trump fan, but doesn’t ANYONE have a sense of humor anymore? I mean for pity sake, I voted for Reagan and I remember laughing my head off when SNL made fun of him. It isn’t a sin to laugh Social Justice Warriors. Why don’t people get a LIFE and stop worrying about what insult just might offend them?

  18. Poor snowflakes can’t take a joke….