LAKE BERRYESSA (CBS13) – A wayward duck was captured on video being sucked down the morning glory spillway at Lake Berryessa on Monday, according to a report from CBS13 in Sacramento.

In a video posted to a Solano County community Facebook group, the duck can be seen floating towards the mesmerizing yet terrifying spillway before being quickly sucked down.

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Duck goes down Lake Berryessa morning glory spillway (CBS)

According to Tori Junes Fowler, who posted the video, the duck made it to the other side.

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However, according to experts talked to, the duck probably didn’t survive.

After going into the hole, the duck fell about 18 stories and likely encountered intense water pressure. The spillway empties into Putah Creek below.

People have died after going into the spillway. UC Davis graduate student Emily Schwalen died in 1997 after being swept down into the pipe. Warning buoys surround the spillway and a fence surrounds road that leads up to the Monticello Dam.

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The spillway is active as of last week for only the second time in the past 12 years. Lake Berryessa spills at 440’ elevation; as of Wednesday, the lake level is at 442.64’.