SAN QUENTIN (CBS SF) — It was a simple sentence posted on the door to San Quentin Prison’s death chamber, but its impact sparked a debate across California and the nation.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a moratorium Wednesday, putting an end to executions within the state. Hours later, a sign was posted on the heavy metal door to the death chamber — “Gas Chamber CLOSED per Executive Order 11-09-19.”

With that the clock stopped ticking toward the demise of some of California’s most infamous killers. Among the most well-known in the Bay Area were Scott Peterson, Richard Allen Davis, Ramon Salcido, Charles Ng and Cary Stayner.

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Currently, there are 737 inmates on California’s Death Row, the largest number in the country by far. Clarence Ray Allen was the inmate put to death at San Quentin at 12:20 a.m. on Jan. 17, 2006.

Prison workers immediately began the process of dismantling the death chamber — removing the heavy metal green chair used to strap in inmates for one final time.

The equipment was then loaded on to a truck to be taken to a state warehouse.

Meanwhile, Twitter was abuzz with comments about Newsom’s decision.

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  1. Emilio Aymat says:

    This is a good thing and I don’t see as some moral argument about letting murderers run free because that’s hypocritical when u consider that many people in power are murderers and get away with it. I don’t dispute that some people that are rapists, pedophiles etc., should die, but I don’t trust the state to make that judgement since the state is a murderous institution and the semi-private prison complex is about profit not justice. The justice system also protects offenders that are privileged as was obvious with Brock and all those sicko catholic pedopriests.

  2. He has compassion for “life” .. He says “We are better than this” He says “Its not whether or not people have the right to die for heinous acts, the question is do we have the right to kill?” REALLY?? I AM LITERALLY CRYING. He says these things about STONE COLD KILLERS/SOCIOPATHS… But he says … “The mother has ‘THE RIGHT’ to her own body”. The baby IS NOT HER BODY..IT’S A SEPARATE BODY.. WHY????? WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SUCH HYPOCRITS. I can’t stand it .. I can’t stand the hypocrisy… I can’t!!! Where is the justice for the baby??