SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Gas prices across California are averaging $1 above the national average and refineries are being blamed for the higher prices.

A gallon of gas will cost you $3.79 in San Francisco, $3.57 in San Jose, and $3.56 in Oakland. The national average is $2.67. Prices jumped nearly 40 cents in one week.

The Valero refinery in Benicia is one of the reasons why.

The refinery experienced a malfunction at the beginning of the month and on Saturday it triggered plumes of thick gray smoke to be emitted from the facility. The particles emitted are called “coke” a byproduct of the refinery process, they’re made mostly from carbon particles.

Health officials say the air quality never reached dangerous levels but they did discourage outdoor activity.

“We should be conscientious of what’s going on at the refineries people need to step in and speak up,” Hanna Kim of San Francisco said.

Kim says while she’s concerned this won’t change her activity in the short term.

“I drive for work there’s not much I can do,” she said. “I mean I think it takes a little out of everyone’s pocket, everyone feels it,” Tyler Woods said. He added, “I think my next car will be an electric car.”

The highest gas price on record in San Francisco was in 2012 when a gallon cost $4.83, refinery shutdowns contributed to those prices too, coupled with tensions in the Middle East.

Comments (33)
  1. Bruce Pestell says:

    It hurts Arizona drivers,too.

  2. Forest Woodstock says:

    Democrats (Obama) thought $4 a gallon wasn’t enough so you wouldn’t drive and save the environment. Are you ready to pay more?
    Obama says he wants higher gas prices.

  3. Christopher Closs says:

    You high gas prices are your own fault. You tax yourselves to death. Enjoy.

  4. Paul Roth says:

    The mess we face in California is the result of decades of liberal politicians’ mismanagement of anything they can get their hands on. They’ve taken a once fantastic place to live and turned it into a hell-hole.

    1. Lou Rodgers says:

      I left in 78 and have not regretted it one bit.

      1. munstermoon says:

        Lots of people leaving the sh!thole they voted into existence and now taking those same voting habits to CO, NM, AZ – Liberal Democrats are a cancer eating away our once great country – MAGA

  5. You get the Government and results there of, that you vote for, Higher Taxes and do nothing Politicians that only work to line their own pockets.. Congratulations California

  6. Carl Ball says:

    you pay for what you vote for! 2.60 a gallon in my state! why is it you give the price and not break it up to show tax plus gas price! i am sure the voters would be very interested

  7. stpaulchuck says:

    we’re around $2.50 to $2.60 a gallon across the Twin Cities and we are supposed to be a high tax state. How about Mexifornia raise teacher retirement pay to $250K a year, eh? How about all of Calpers? And then you could finance a few more high speed rail projects that will travel at about 30mph, ha ha ha.

    Say Californicate, how about bringing in another million ignorant welfare colonists from the south? That’s sure to fix your economy. ROFLMAO.

  8. Saw this on Drudge. Went to http://www.PressCalifornia for more real California news.

  9. Mark Niebauer says:

    We all suffer because of their Mis-Conduct!

  10. Robert Bradley says:

    its the taxes stupid

  11. John Gray says:

    Blame? Isn’t higher has prices a Green Good Thing? Why aren’t CA politicians congratulating the refineries for raising gas prices, which is their goal?

  12. Hal Slusher says:

    You guys in California voted for the gas tax hike quit whining

  13. Joel Hammer says:

    Bad luck.

  14. From $3.399 to $3.699 in a month… I think somebody doesn’t know the definition of soaring…yeah; summer’s on the way. This is no surprise.

  15. What percentage of the gas price increase is California gas tax? Refinery’s are changing to the summer mix per environmental laws. Californians voted for the current crew of folks running and taxing California voters. You have the government you voted for so, suck it up and pay!!!!!!!

  16. Gene Tillock says:

    Isn’t this exactly what aoc wants. No wrong. $400 gasoline Not $4 and no air planes and a green economy with no sense in sight. Throw out economics 101 which served us all well since 1776. when it was written noooo She wants Marxism 101 you know how great russi a is at solving the world’s problems since and I mean SINce spout 200 million dead. to Hitler’s only mere 11 million was small compared to that. And jew s get equal weight. Not 25 to 1 our blood as in my book all men are created equal even poor poor Palestinians and Arabs. It’s the American way. It’s A1 in the constitution. At least it used to be or not to be

  17. The safest way to store highly competitive “Hydrogen 2.0” clean energy fuel is inside raw salt water. Gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, natural gas, coal & nuclear energy can’t compete with a “self sustaining” energy source located at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center inside the Space Life Sciences Laboratory in Florida. The New Brunswick electric utility in Canada will build 30 highly competitive clean electric energy generators by “Turning Seawater into Electricity” that provides desalinated ocean water vapor as exhaust.

  18. wjm980 says:

    La La Land is supposed to lead by example. Gas there should be at least 10 bucks a gallon, thereby forcing La La Landers into alternative modes of transportation.

  19. Mark Schulze says:

    If California decided to become part of the United States, we could import gasoline. But as a xenophobic isolationist state, we wont.

  20. re: earlier comment about CA tax, CA tax is $0.55 per gallon ($0.40 for Diesel). Texas is $0.20.

    Gas here at the moment is around $2.25-$2.35

  21. Jack Wagoner says:

    The absolute BS gas prices in California are due to CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS AND NOTHING ELSE! PERIOD! “Refinery Woes”! STFU!

  22. Russ William says:

    If you vote democrat, this is what you wanted. You cannot possibly complain about gas prices after voting for politicians who want to see your energy costs skyrocket to force you to use less energy. CBS surely pushes the global warming scam, so how do they now make an issue out of rising gas prices?

  23. BC Veel says:

    It NEVER FAILS. Each and every year at this time there is ALWAYS a “refinery problem” in this shiiithole state. It’s just the liberals way of ripping off the citizens of California any way they can.

  24. Tim Lucas says:

    She said her next car would be electric. I can gather she is left wing and electric cars doesn’t solve the issue. She must be a fan of wind power too. She thinks it takes a little out of a drivers wallet. Try $18 for a 18 gallon tank. Liberals have arithmetic challenges a long with common sense issues. Give Trump a chance and these seasonal blends will end. California already has issues but liberal democrats are dug in and the voters are void of what it takes to root them out. I am fly over and please continue to do so. Gas is $2.25 and milk $1.38 per gallon. Think I’ll bake a cake. Good luck sanctuary state.

  25. Sean A Foltz says:

    I think it’s safe to say that CA’s obscenely high gas taxes have more to do with these fuel prices then anything else.

    I’ve driven to every state but Hawaii and taxes are the biggest factor in the difference between prices at the pump.