SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — In a “rich get richer” situation, Stephen Curry, the best shooter in the NBA, may improve his game even further after admitting that he is now wearing contact lenses after playing with blurry vision for much of his career.

In an interview with Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic, Curry said it’s like a “whole new world” playing with contact lenses. The two-time MVP said his vision wasn’t necessarily bad before, but that he has a condition that causes blurred vision.

“I have blurry vision, like millions of people across the country in terms of need corrective lenses to see sharper,” Curry said in a pregame interview on Thursday.

Curry said he got used to squinting. He said he started wearing contacts around March 16 and almost immediately broke out of a shooting slump plaguing him since the All-Star break–he’s shooting 48.7 percent from three point land since his sight cleared up.

He’s also made 5 or more threes in 9 consecutive games.

The Warriors take on the Los Angeles Lakers Thursday night at 7:30 p.m.


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