SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — It was quite a day for Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers. Good fortune seemed to be his companion every step of the way.

It started on the streets of San Francisco. During a morning walk, Rivers reached into his pocket and pull out his cell phone. Unbeknownst to him, a wad of cash tumbled onto the street.

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“The last thing, I want to shout out to the San Francisco person who at the corner today I walking down the street — this is a true story — I reached into my pocket to grab my phone and unbeknownst to me I dropped about $2 Grand onto the street. I kept walking and didn’t know it. A guy taps me on the back and said — ‘That’s your money’ — I don’t know a lot of places that would happen, it happened today.”

“So whoever that was — You could have had two tickets if you hadn’t run away.”

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Then his Clippers fell behind by 31 points to the defending champion Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of their playoff series, only to rally to come away with a 135-131 victory.

The comeback was the largest in NBA playoff history.

“We changed a couple things offensively and defensively in the third on the fly. It worked out for us. But I thought it was our spirit more than anything,” Rivers said. “Just every single guy. I loved the end of the game.”

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All in all, a pretty remarkable day.