SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A dump truck struck and killed Pablo Ramirez, a professional skateboarder, in San Francisco’s South of Market district Tuesday afternoon, according to authorities. The incident happened at about 12:16 p.m Tuesday on the 100 block of 7th St. near Mission St. according to San Francisco police. The truck remained on the scene as police conducted an investigation.

“Officers who arrived on the scene found a commercial vehicle that was involved in a collision and a skateboarder who was suffering from life-threatening injuries,” said San Francisco police spokesman officer Robert Rueca.

Medics summoned to the crash pronounced the skateboarder dead at the scene. The San Francisco Medical Examiner identified Ramirez, 26, a San Francisco resident.

Streets were closed in the area during the investigation which will involve eyewitnesses and video surveillance cameras.

“We have no confirmed reports that the skateboarder was holding onto the truck (at the time of the accident),” Rueca said.

The driver remained at the scene and was cooperating with the investigation. Rueca said drugs nor alcohol appeared to be a factor in the collision.

Ramirez was a member of GX1000, a famous San Francisco skating group recently profiled in GQ magazine. Ramirez also volunteered with Shawn Connolly’s organization, San Francisco Skate Club mentoring teens.

“He was taking his time out to skate with the kids and they looked up to him, and it’s something that people don’t have to do–volunteer their time,” Connolly told KPIX.

A crowd of Ramirez’s friends gathered near the crash scene, sobbing and mourning his loss. Ramirez’s death marks the second in six weeks south of Market street. On March 8th, a bicyclist was hit and killed on a stretch of Howard that lacked bike lanes.

“I’ve been a skateboarder for 34 years and I’ve lived in San Francisco for 24 years and in that time the streets have just gotten more and more dangerous for pedestrians and skateboarders. This stuff shouldn’t happen, you know,” Connolly said.

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  1. Chris Cormier says:

    I met him a few years back and he had just moved to San Francisco. He had just moved from New York and was playing in a band at the time. A really cool dude! He told me he skated but never gave any indication at all how good he was. Skaters can be overly prideful about their skill and condescending towards non skaters, but hot him! I often wondered what he was up to these days because he made a positive impression on me when I met him. Sadly now I know

  2. Raymond E Blizzard says:

    The street wasn’t built for skateboarding it was built for trucks and cars!!!!!!!

    1. Cesar Pantoja says:

      Streets are for everyone, another thing is being negligent and incautious, maybe pablo had to pay attention to this risk, everyone who rides a vehicle with wheels and with/without motor must have to be cautious, rip pablo

    2. Greg Schlosser says:

      Really?! Have some human decency. A person died. Kids lost a dear friend, a mother lost her son. Their lives will never be the same.

      You should also change your facebook intro. “some one that cares to much. a lot more then i should! ” doesn’t apply to you.

  3. Jeff Stone says:

    As usual the media spin continues…For anyone familiar with skateboarders, as I am…they actually are extremely aggressive and provoke incidents on the sidewalks…Skateboarders ARE NOT ALLOWED ON SIDEWALKS…yet are constantly performing dangerous stunts along the Embarcadero. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve nearly crashed into me as I was cycling by.
    To portray this incident of a “innocent skateboard”…BS! The skateboarder in question was shown in videos hanging on to the dump truck just prior to the actual accident…CLEARLY THE SKATEBOARDER WAS AT FAULT…While it is true that it has become more and more dangerous for pedestrians, skateboarders are making it more dangerous for everyone else.