LIVERMORE (CBS SF) — Blame the wet weather in the Bay Area during the past winter for creating an almost perfect storm for mosquitoes.

“We had a lot of rainfall, and consistent rainfall.  Now that the weather has heated up, the mosquitoes are hatching and starting to breed more intensively,” said Eric Haas-Stapleton of the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District.

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But you don’t need to tell that to people who live near the Coyote Creek in South San Jose.

“There’s a couple of little red marks here,” said Marty Lucero, who pointed to several mosquito bites he got on his arms and legs last night. “They were biting me, getting on me.  I was swatting them away.”

It was so bad, they went out and bought two bottles of bug spray.

“There were so many mosquitoes out here, it’s ridiculous. I had to just stay inside,” said Don Saddoris, another neighbor.

The Santa Clara County Vector Control Department is actively seeking out mosquito breeding grounds which could be any standing water like ponds, puddles, or even swimming pools.

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If mosquito larvae are still in the water they can be controlled with mosquito fish, which the county gives residents for free to use in backyard ponds or fountains.

But once mosquito eggs hatch and start flying, they are impossible to control.

“If residents are noticing mosquitoes or getting mosquito bites, the first thing we’d like to do is get out and take a look at their back yard, make sure everything is clear, nothing breeding in their back yard,” said Hector Cardenas of the Santa Clara County Vector Control Department.

Besides biting and being annoying, mosquitoes can transmit West Nike Virus which can be deadly. Officials say residents should report any dead birds they encounter.

“If they do ever find a dead bird, that’s one way we know where West Nile is.  If they call us up, we’re out there that day,” said Ryan Clausnitzer of the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District.

Officials say the mosquito season is just getting started and so far there are no reports of cases of West Nile Virus in Santa Clara or Alameda Counties.

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Residents are advised to use screens on doors and windows and use mosquito repellent if they plan to be outside, especially in the early evening hours.