By Joe Vazquez

SUNNYVALE (KPIX) — When Shantain Vargas took out her cellphone to capture video of the Sunnyvale crash scene Monday evening, she couldn’t quite believe her eyes. The suspect, Isaiah Peoples, seemed to be shouting like you would in church.

“He was saying, ‘thank you, Jesus … thank you, Jesus.’ He was rocking back and forth,” Vargas said.

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The video shows Peoples sitting on the ground surrounded by officers. At times, he can be heard yelling out: “Yes, you are, Jesus. Yes, you are!”

Police eventually put cuffs on Peoples and arrested him.

“He wasn’t distraught because he didn’t seem remorseful,” she added. “He just looked like someone who was off his medication.”

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Vargas, a Google contract worker, said she is still moved to tears when she thinks about one young man she saw lying motionless on the ground and it disturbed her to watch Peoples as he seemed to be celebrating.

“It’s hard to get my head wrapped around the fact that he had the thought that this was going to be OK,” Vargas said. “Actually driving your vehicle into eight innocent people. These are eight innocent people living their daily lives and he felt the need to just run them over.”

Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Chief Phan S. Ngo said Peoples was behaving normally once he was in custody.

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“There were witnesses that stated that he had prayed something similar to thanking God or Jesus — that’s the information that we have,” he told reporters. “When we took him into custody, he did not behave in any manner that would be considered to be bizarre…He has not shown any remorse.”