SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — San Francisco International Airport is shifting all rideshare app pickups to the domestic parking garage beginning June 3, 2019. Currently, both pickups and drop-offs from operators like Uber and Lyft are allowed at the curbside at the domestic terminals.

Doug Yakel, spokesperson for SFO, says drop-offs are still allowed at curbside, given the time-sensitive nature of air travel. But moving pickups to the domestic parking garage will remove 13,000 pickups daily from the airport’s main thoroughfare.

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“Where we are at in terms of roadway congestion, it’s just untenable, and we’re really looking for a solution. We also look at other major airports around the U.S., this is not uncommon to go somewhere else to get an Uber and Lyft,” said Yakel.

The goal is to maintain a constant flow of 15 mph for vehicle traffic around the terminals. To get to the “Ride App Pick Up Garage Zone,” passengers must re-enter the terminal, take an escalator up the stairs and cross the bridge. Currently, there are three pickup zones, each with a white tent and attendant to answer questions.

“It’s only about a three minute walk from the time that you exit a concourse to the time that you’re in this area where you get picked up, so that’s not a bad compromise,” said Yakel.

Erin O’Brien, visiting from Salt Lake City, said the new pickup area was calm and quiet for now.

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“I think right now, at least at this time of day, it would be very easy to find your car. I don’t know what it would be like at a more crowded time,” said O’Brien.

“I feel it’s a better idea with all the traffic moving around here. Definitely a plus,” said Salomon Rubio, an Uber driver. “We’ve been slowly shifting towards the new area, and I feel like it’s been working much better. I feel it’s an advantage to us.”

As for the three minute walk from the old zone to the new zone, Bay Area resident Dennis Drennan said it was no problem.

“Fine, even at my age,” said Brennan.

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Drop-offs at the domestic terminal are still allowed at curbside. Drop-offs and pickups at the International Terminal are unchanged.