SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — When it comes to personal hygiene, Bay Area residents apparently don’t often bathe, change their bed sheets or put on a new pair of underwear, according to a new poll.

Quality Logo Products chose 25 of America’s largest metropolises and surveyed at least 100 people in each in search of America’s filthiest city. When all was said and done, the company had collected in-depth surveys of 2,732 individuals.

Among those cities was San Francisco and the results are bound to raise a stink. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale was considered the cleanest major city with New Orleans coming in second and Charlotte third.

When it came to filthiest, Seattle-Tacoma, Denver, Washington D.C., San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose and Pittsburgh were the top five.

Ironically, survey tabulators also found the San Francisco Bay Area was second when it came to the most germophobic cities in America, trailing slightly behind Miami-Ft. Lauderdale.

But when it came to personal hygiene, the findings were a blot on the Bay Area.

San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose found itself trailing just Las Vegas in taking the least baths a week. The Bay Area was among the lowest ranked along with Washington, New York and Houston when it came to people changing their underwear the least number of times a week.

Meanwhile the Bay Area trailed only Los Angeles when it came changing their bed sheets the least often.

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  1. Zephyr Taurel says:

    We also likely save a lot more energy and resources- using less water to bathe when we don’t actually need to, and waiting until our sheets need to be washed instead of just changing them constantly. It’s called being sustainable.