By Betty Yu

PLEASANTON (KPIX 5) – The parents of an 8th grade student at Harvest Park Middle School are looking for the driver of a minivan that they say hit their son on Friday May 3, and kept going.

13-year-old Alex Borsody says he was in a rush to get to his mother who was parked across the street on Greenwood Road near Valley Avenue.

“I don’t know why would you hit me and just drive off, they could have at least checked to see that I was okay,” said Borsody.

Borsody says he has stitches on his lip, chipped teeth, and bruises.

“It kind of felt like a hallucination at first, I didn’t really think that I actually got hit,” he added.

His mother Stacey Borsody’s dash camera video caught a silver or light blue van, believed to be a Toyota Sienna, passing her van.

“I heard this bang,” said Stacey Borsody. “I look out my window and I turn around and I see my older son and he’s poppin’ up, and going on the sidewalk and he’s got blood all streaming down his mouth.”

Stacey says there were many witnesses, but unfortunately no one got the license plate. She says they saw the van stopped to pick up a boy in a blue backpack, after the accident.

“If something hit your car, even a pebble, you notice,” said Alex’s father Miklos Borsody.

The family is pleading with the person responsible to come forward.

“If you’re the person responsible just take ownership, because it’s not my kid or our kid, it could be any kid, anywhere, or it could have been multiple kids,” he added.

The Borsodys were hoping that homeowners in the area may have captured the van on surveillance video.

Meanwhile, the afternoon pick-up rush came and went with a couple possible sightings, but no positive ID.

Stacey says she wants that driver to know, they should have stopped.

“Yeah, for sure,” Stacey says. “I mean if you hear something hit your car and all the students are on the side and they’re making all sorts of noise, you gotta stop and find out what’s going on right?”

As for police they are looking at this as well, but they say they have no specific suspects for the investigation.