SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — A new city-within-a-city is springing up in San Jose and a new BART station is the big reason why.

“We’ve got a thousand units that are vertical now,” said Ralph Borelli, a San Jose developer who has been working on plans to transform the San Jose Flea Market property into a new urban village.

The property sits adjacent to the Berryessa BART station, which is scheduled to begin train service to San Jose in December.

The first 57-acre chunk will contain up to 5,000 units of housing, including low-income housing.

A second 63-acre parcel, where the flea market is still operating, will eventually contain a large complex of offices and plazas that could accommodate tech companies with room for 22,000 workers.

“It is gigantic. One hour from this train station, you’ll be in the financial district in San Francisco without changing trains. That’s a game-changer,” Borelli said.

The development includes something neighbors have been wanting for years: a new grocery store.

Safeway will be breaking ground on a new supermarket in August. Other retailers include a CVS Pharmacy and a Chase bank.

“A Safeway near BART is probably going to help,” said J.T. Johnson, who has lived in the neighborhood for 8 years.

Johnson said the neighborhood has been under served for years. Many neighbors travel to nearby cities to buy food.

“I do hear that a lot of neighbors go to Milpitas or go to the Safeway in Santa Clara to buy their groceries,” said San Jose City Councilmember Lan Diep, who represents District 4 in Northeast San Jose.

Councilmember Diep said he’s glad those dollars will soon be spent in San Jose.

“Those tax dollars, those few cents to the dollar, they do add up and they do matter,” Diep said.

Planning is underway for the office development, roads and other infrastructure and neighbors can still be a part of the process.

The San Jose City Council will most likely vote on the project sometime next year.

Comments (6)
  1. Cora R. Flemate says:

    As a long time resident of the Berryessa area I was taken aback by this report. It said that finally there will be a Safeway and CVS in the Berryessa area. There is a Safeway and CVS 1.6 miles from the new Bart station. Right on Berryessa. They have been there for years. Also they talked about the lack of major grocery stores. There are plenty including Costco, Sprouts, Lucky’s and Safeway. Drive just a few miles and there is also a Target.

    1. De Famz says:

      Correct, as far as the stores go. This report is false LOL There’s plenty like mentioned above.

  2. Cora R. Flemate says:

    They also mentioned opening up a Chase Bank. There is a Chase Bank on Berryessa Road right next to the Safeway and CVS. I do understand these businesses will be built right in the new Bart complex, but this report made it sound like none of these businesses were ever in the neighborhood.

  3. Bobby Marinov says:

    There is a Safeway and CVS three traffic lights away on the same street! What is this article talking about!?

  4. What is Lan Diep talking about? Doesn’t he know what are located in his district?