SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A woman who was injured in an incident involving a Muni Metro train has filed a claim against the city.

Choi Ngor Li’s hand got caught in the door of a brand-new Muni train on April 12th at the Embarcadero Station and was dragged to the tracks.

Li’s claim alleges negligence by the Muni operator and by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

“I turn around and I saw this frail woman getting dragged along with this train, she’s like running trying to keep up with it a little bit,” witness Will Hayworth told KPIX 5 last month. “But the train’s not slowing down, it’s just like moving along, and she’s just getting dragged along, and I’m like ‘oh my God.’”

Woman dragged after hand caught in new Muni train door (CBS)

The woman is seeking payment for her medical expenses and distress. Li said she suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung and spinal and pelvic fractures.

The agency’s transit director says it has worked to improve Muni train door sensors since Li’s incident.


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