WALNUT CREEK (KPIX 5) – Anyone who lives under the Contra Costa Fire Protection District should start taking a good look at the grasses and trees around their home. Fire inspections are coming soon.

“This message is to every person in the Bay Area, especially folks in our fire district, please abate your weeds,” says Kathy Woofter with Contra Costa County Fire. “Whether it’s in your yard, vacant lot, or on ranchland property. Make sure weeds are down to 3 inches or less.”

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To make the message even louder, and clearer, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection district put on a show today, mowing back grass and trimming trees, even cutting a 30-foot fuel break on the edge of Rossmore. “This year, in particular, we’re anticipating a pretty tough fire season,” said Department spokesperson Steve Hill. “And that makes it even more important.”

Neighbors in the area were thrilled to see the extra effort today. “We have a big open space space next to our building,” said Judy Ross. “That’s why we’re glad they’re trimming the hill.”

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Just last year, we saw how a fire in Contra Costa’s open space can quickly threaten homes. People here absolutely remember last June, when fire raced along open space near Concord. Firefighters were able to stop it, thanks in part, to the defensible space beside those threatened homes. “We can’t do that without property owners doing their part up front,” explains Hill. “And that’s what we’re saying going on here today.”

So today’s message for property owners: the clock is running. “Weed abatement notices were sent out to all, almost all, homeowners property, property owners in our jurisdiction of the Contra Costa County fire protection district,” says Woofter. “Because of the late rains the weed abatement extension date has been pushed out June 16.”

Inspections will start June 17. For those not in compliance, tax liens will be assessed upon subsequent inspections and any county performed abatement.

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