UNION CITY (CBS SF) – Striking teachers at the New Haven Unified School District have entered their third week on the picket lines Monday, after the district and union failed to reach an agreement over the weekend.

Teachers at the district covering Union City and parts of Hayward have been off the job since May 20th in a dispute over wages.

The latest offer from the teacher’s union is a 6 percent raise over the next two years, down from the original offer of 10 percent.

“Emotions have to take a step back because we really need to stay focused on what would be best for the communities and the students,” said Joe Ku’e Angeles, president of the New Haven Teachers Association.

The union is also asking to restore pay for all the days teachers have been on strike, but the district said that would end up costing them more than the previous offers.

“NHTA’s current public proposal is an increase from their last proposal, which constitutes a regressive offer and violates state bargaining laws. The current proposal would cost NHUSD more than $18 million over three years,” district spokesperson John Mattos said in a statement.

Another big concern is final exams, with high school students set to take their exams next week.

Negotiations are expected to resume on Tuesday.

  1. Guille Inahara says:

    Everyone NEEDS to take the students’ best interest into consideration during this time and that would mean coming to an agreement ASAP!!!! You have parents on edge (as if that’s good for the community) and you have students that have worked to walk the stage for graduation. PLEASE END THIS STRIKE!!!!! Families should not have to endure the politics. I support all teachers. Please get them back in class!!!! On a side note, the State needs to distribute money, evenly, across the board so some districts are not making more than others and vice versa…….makes no sense!!!!!