By Andrea Nakano

NOVATO (KPIX) — Two kittens found on Bay Area highways are safe after being rescued by two separate drivers. They are now at the Marin Humane Society after enduring an ordeal of being stuck on the highway.

Luckily, two alert drivers noticed the furry felines and rescued them from rush hour traffic.

Neil Fraser, who rescued a cat as he was driving through Emeryville says, “It looked like a stuffed animal just sitting there.”

Fraser couldn’t believe that it was a real cat, perched on a highway wall 50 feet high. He reached out to grab the cat and luckily he was able to catch it before it went over the edge.

Fraser describes that moment, “His eyes lit up, I don’t know who was more scared at that time, him or me, but I grabbed him and he grabbed onto me with his claws and teeth and I put him in my front seat.”

Fraser took the cat to the Marin Humane Society but is hoping to bring him home soon. The Fraser family already has a perfect name for this little one: Lucky.

Another kitten was rescued by a driver on Highway 101 in Marin County. The driver handed the cat to a firefighter on the scene of an accident just a short distance from where the cat was found.

Lucky is in quarantine for ten days because of the biting incident but the other little guy has quickly become a shelter favorite and is acting like a typical kitten.

Nancy McKenney, CEO of the Marin Humane Society said, “This little one is an active cat and is starting to demand more food.”

The kittens are about six weeks old and it is unclear how long they were stranded or how they got onto the highways.

McKenney said, “I would hate to think that these people dumped the cats in the middle of the freeway. I would hate to think of that.”

While the Fraser family may adopt the black cat, one of the firefighters might be adopting the other one.

McKenney at the Humane Society said this is kitten season and they already have 100 kittens in their system.