By Betty Yu
Livermore (KPIX 5) — A sea of cowboy boots and hats streamed out of the Livermore Rodeo Sunday evening during a day that saw thermometers hit 93 degrees.

“It was perfect. Actually we got here after 2, so we got to sit in the shade. And the breeze picked up, so it was nice,” said Livermore resident Shelene Carey.

People took precautions by shopping for hats, and stayed hydrated on the first Spare the Air day this year.

“We try not to use our cars, we drink..more beer? No more water,” said Heather Martin of Livermore.

The Bay Area Air District says Livermore and south Santa Clara County are some of the hottest spots in the Bay Area, and exhaust from cars cause the poorest air quality in these areas.

Monday is expected to be even hotter, temperatures could top 100 degrees.

“We’re going to stay inside, go swimming,” said Livermore resident Lexy Larson.

Monday is another Spare the Air day, and a heat advisory for much of the Bay Area is in effect until 9 pm.
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  1. Eric Mills says:

    “WILD COW MILKING” – See link below. This brutal (and sexist) event is featured at both the Livermore and Rowell Ranch Rodeos. These are BEEF cattle, not dairy, and unused to being handled. These cows are still nursing their unweaned babies, stressing both. One of these cows was killed at the 2014 Rowell rodeo. This brutal event should be dropped from the program. Contact the Livermore City Council and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to make it happen.

    For further info: ACTION FOR ANIMALS, email –

  2. Michelle Lang says:

    It wasnt fun for the animals, they were terrorized, likely maimed, hurt and maybe even lost their life. Rodeo is pure animal torture and abuse and should be banned. Your ticket goes to abuse animals, for no other purpose than pure greed and abusive violence entertainment at the cost of the animals blood sweat and tears. Grown men beating up on animals is not family entertainment, its animal abuse. I saw hundreds of patrons bringing their children – a sure fire way to emotionally damage them by teaching them it’s ok to use animals for fun, entertainment and to brutalize. It’s not fun for the animals and they have no choice, while patrons cheer and jeer, you wouldn’t do this to your family, your friend, your child, so don’t do it to animals

  3. Michelle Lang says:

    check out the Rowell Ranch rodeo 2 weeks ago (youtube search- rowell ranch) showing the horses being electric shocked, maimed, slapped and hit in the face, amongst other brutalities. “Nothing wrong here” say the cowboys. This is criminal animal abuse and must be reported to the both Alameda County Sheriff’s Dept. and a complaint needs to be filed for Tina Faulker, veternarian from Newman ,CA who was the vet on site to protect the animals, and she failed miserably, she allowed this abuse and brutality to continue and did nothing. I’m filing a complaint against her with the Vet. Medical Board of CA, and making a criminal animal cruelty complaint with the Sheriff’s office. The violence against animals has to stop Now.

  4. No matter the weather, rodeos are not good for the animals. What we do to them in the name of entertainment is shameful. Anyone who loves animals should be appalled by what happens to them in rodeos. Let’s put an end to this cruelty.