SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in San Francisco Friday for a speaking engagement, a group of costumed protesters called for Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings a few blocks away.

Pelosi was visiting to speak at Mayor London Breed’s Be Invincible Women’s Summit.

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The activists gathered at the federal building where Pelosi keeps an office were dressed like the Founding Fathers and one Founding Mother.

Amid honks from passing cars, the activists from the the group Need to Impeach took turns reading the Volume II Executive Summary from the Mueller report in front of 50 or so attendees.

“What would Hamilton do?,” Steve Rapport — who was dressed like Alexander Hamilton — asked the audience.

They responded, “Impeach!”

“That’s why they put the impeachment clause in the Constitution: to rid themselves of a President who abuses his power and breaches the public trust and brings dishonor to the office of the presidency,” said Rapport.

Their message to Pelosi?

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“We can’t wait any longer,” sand Rapport. “We’d like to say to Speaker Pelosi, while we support everything you’re doing as Speaker and we think you’re doing a fantastic job. We just fundamentally disagree with you on impeachment.”

Over at the summit, Pelosi sounded dire.

“In the course off our revolution, when times were dark, Thomas Paine said, ‘The times have found us.’ We believe the times have found us now again to save our democracy,” she said.

Still, when Mayor Breed asked Pelosi what’s going through her mind when she’s meeting with the President, Pelosi said, “When you’re sitting there…he’s the President of the United States. I respect the office that he holds. I think I respect it more than he respects it. But anyway, I respect the office that he holds. And we have to try and find common ground.”

She went on to mention building infrastructure and lowering prescription drug prices as subjects where they could agree.

Pelosi did not mention impeachment at Mayor Breed’s event and gave no indication that she has changed her mind about initiating hearings.

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The activists with Need to Impeach are having another event on Saturday, June 15 in Oakland at 1 p..m. outside the office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee at 1301 Clay Street.