MILLBRAE (KPIX) — The mayors of Millbrae and Burlingame called a traffic jam near San Francisco International Airport “unacceptable” in a letter to Uber and Lyft Friday and requested a meeting with the companies to “resolve this issue.”

“It’s just getting worse and worse they’re just hiring more drivers, there’s no limit,” said Hamid Mohajery who was stuck in the congestion Friday evening.

Millbrae mayor Wayne Les and Burlingame mayor Donna Colson penned the letter to the ride-hailing companies and blamed the traffic congestion along Millbrae Ave. between Highway 101 ramps at Millbrae Ave. and Old Bayshore Highway on a recent relocation of the rideshare staging lots.

Hundreds of rideshare cars make their way to the staging lot near Millbrae Ave. and Old Bayshore Road, causing the intersection to jam up with vehicles from lunchtime into the late evening hours, according to Erik Friedlund, who works nearby.

“People are honking at them and all they do is laugh it off,” he said. “”The worst part of it is the inconsiderate people that try to dive bomb into the lanes.”

A Westin hotel employee told KPIX the congestion has been impacting business. Hotel guests, he said, have a difficult time getting in and out as fed-up drivers do U-turns in their parking lot to avoid sitting in line. The hotel has posted a sign discouraging drivers from using their lot to make U-turns.

The mayors said in their letter that:

“These impacts cause unacceptable delays to Hwy 101 access … as well as access to the Millbrae Public Works Corporation Yard, impacting city operations, personal lives and the movement of commercial activities and goods … In the event of emergency, Millbrae Public Works staff will not be able to respond in a timely fashion.”

The relocation of the staging lots at SFO was originally intended to help with congestion at the airport’s curbside where Uber and Lyft drivers picked up passengers in the past.

But the traffic jam outside the airport, according to David Stratta who works in Burlingame, has turned into a public safety hazard.

“There was an ambulance the other day took a long time to get through to the crowd of traffic,” he said. “They need to come up with a better solution.”

A Lyft spokesperson said they welcome the opportunity to meet with the mayors.

KPIX is still waiting for Uber to respond.

Comments (4)
  1. tagconnect says:

    This report is SO WRONG! The problem has MULTIPLIED since early June when SFO enforced new rules for rideshare pickups and major inconvenience for passengers, instantly creating the now daily traffic problems that DIDN’T EXIST to nearly the same extent before June 6th. SFO management should resign and the mayors need to get their facts straight.

  2. Bill Wright says:

    The problem is 100% the fault of SFO officials. They created this traffic jam when they forced Uber/Lyft to use their parking structure to pick up passengers. Both Uber and Lyft fought it saying the new rules would create problems, and now it has. They Mayors of Millbrae and Burlingame should complain the Mayor and Supervisors of SF … they created this mess.

  3. These mayors should be fired for being so clueless. Why are they wasting taxpayer money by trying to address this with uber and Lyft? It’s not their fault. SFO dictates the location of the pickups and the location of the waiting lots. SFO leadership is 100% at fault for this debacle by moving the pickups to the garage roof without any reasonable planning for the change in traffic flow. They need to be held accountable for their sloppy planning which puts the public at risk.