RANGELEY, Maine (CBS Local) — A German Shepherd dog that went missing more than a year ago has been found some 50 miles away from it’s home in Maine.

Four-year-old Shyla had run away from her home in Chesterville on May 4, 2018.

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“It was turkey hunting season,” owner Cindy Ross told CBS affiliate WBAI. “Gunfire went off — she got startled and ran into the woods.”

This was the first time Shyla had ever run away, but Ross said she was determined to find her. She and her partner, John Mason, spent thousands of dollars and traveled more than 2,000 miles chasing every lead that came their way.

Finally, the couple got a solid tip in October that Shyla had settled in the Rangeley area, some 50 miles northwest of Chesterville.

“The camp that she was spotted at down on Route 17, there was evidence of her sleeping on the beds in one of the camps, like her fur was all over the place,” said Rangeley Animal Control Officer Lisa Symes.

Cindy Ross of Chesterville, Maine, reunited with her missing German Shepherd dog, Shyla, found June 26, 2019, some 50 miles away from home after spending 14 months in the woods. (Credit: WABI)

A trap with a satellite camera was set up for about three weeks next to a camp that belongs to Matt Palmer. The search finally ended Wednesday at about 1 a.m.

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“The dog came into the trap right here,” said Palmer. “We had it locked up, and as soon as she stepped on that switch plate, down it went. John was in the area. He came right over to my place, got me out of bed, and said, ‘We’ve got a dog.’ It was amazing.”

Ross says that Shyla is back to her old self around their house and still follows her around everywhere.

“It’s very emotional,” said Ross. “Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I find myself breaking out in tears of joy quite often. It was a long road, and I’m very happy to have her back with my family.”

Shyla didn’t lose any weight and is remarkably healthy after spending 14 months in the woods.

Ross said that she’s thankful for everyone across the state who volunteered their time and efforts to find Shyla, especially the Maine Lost Dog Recovery group and the folks in Rangeley.

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“The fact that she’s in such good shape, it gives people hope,” said Symes. “Those people that have missing dogs that have been missing for a while, gives them hope that they’re going to find their dog.”