NEWARK (KPIX 5) — San Leandro Police seized more than 2,000 pounds of illegal fireworks that they believe were destined for the black market.

San Leandro Police Recover 2000 Lbs Of Illegal Fireworks (Photo: SLPD)

The bust happened Tuesday at a Stor Quest storage facility. James Christopher, a neighbor, reported suspicious activity at the facility after hours. He noticed piles of packages of fireworks.

“[Officers] discovered two individuals who were loading two vehicles with illegal fireworks,” said San Leandro Police spokesman Lt. Isaac Benabou.

Benabou said the fireworks were not the typical “safe and sane” fireworks, but commercial grade explosives.

“These were rocket-style fireworks that shoot into the air very high up,” he said.

Police seized 2,300 pounds of fireworks total, which they believe were headed to the black market. Authorities are still investigating the two men involved.

Firefighters and police say they’ll be on high alert on Thursday patrolling for illegal fireworks.