SUNNYVALE (KPIX) — Sunnyvale police said Friday they’re looking for people who may have become credit card fraud victims after a skimming device was recently discovered at a gas station.

The device was found on June 25 at the Sunnyvale Car Wash and 76 station on El Camino Real at Wolf Road.

“That is really disturbing,” said customer Gina Bachman. “We live in a really safe neighborhood and this is not something we want going on and, had I known that, I wouldn’t have gotten gas.”

Police said the thief was able to open the pump and insert the skimming device so it could go undetected by employees and customers. A worker performing maintenance on the pump stumbled on it when they opened up the machine.

But investigators said the device could’ve been there for days, weeks or even months.

Wayne Bereria said he gets gas at the station at least once every few weeks.

“It’s just sad to hear that,” he said. “It’ll make me think twice about coming here now.”

Investigators said they alerted nearby gas stations of the skimming device and encouraged business owners to check their own pumps.

But police said that thieves are using technology that allows them to steal personal information a lot easier and quicker. They said that crooks are planting skimming devices with Bluetooth capability, which gives them the opportunity to download victims’ credit card information without ever having to go back for the device.

Police have yet to find the suspect and they’re asking customers who used the gas station to check their accounts to see if they’ve been compromised.

“I think today in society you should be able to go to the gas station and get gas and not have to worry about your personal finances,” customer Michael Bachman said.

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  1. Oh hey. I got hit by this! On 4/24 I tried using them not realizing they were closed after hours, then jaunted over to the chevron across the street. On 5/7, I got hit by a fraud use of the card from “76 – V K UNION CORP SHERMAN OAKS CA”!

    Surprised it’s been undetected that long. Definitely been there for months though.

  2. benriibusu says:

    Did anyone try wiggling it? Or any of the common tests like these –

  3. Always use your credit card, if youre lucky and catch it early, you can report as fraud and get a new card within days.