By Kiet Do

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — Four male victims are recovering from gunshot wounds after a shooting in San Jose’s Cambrian Park neighborhood.

San Jose Police say 911 dispatchers began receiving calls about multiple shooting victims around 11:45pm Saturday night.

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Officers arriving on scene found the victims in an Audi that had stopped along Hillsdale Avenue at the corner of Manda Drive. Each victim had been shot at least once and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Minutes earlier, Khaled Ejaz witnessed two cars and a truck performing burnouts and spinning donuts in front of his home at Foxworthy Avenue and Quinto Way. Gunfire erupted a short time later, as neighbors reported hearing five to six shots.

“It’s just like, ‘Pop, pop, pop.’ Three noises and they were done,” said Ejaz.

Ejaz said officers in the area told him a trail of blood was found at that corner. That led officers to a home at 3031 Manda Drive, where the homeowner there found a broken beer bottle and the side gate left open. Officers told that homeowner at least one person may have tried to flee the scene by jumping fences.

Neighbors also said 40 to 50 people were seen getting into several dozen cars and leaving the area, indicative of a large party.

Neighbor Gary Allegrezza says there was a large party of 70 or more people at 3036 Quinto Way, and he sensed danger when the attendees began spilling out into the intersection at Quinto and Foxworthy, performing burnouts and speeding up and down the street, minutes before the gunfire began.

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Allegrezza said the owner of 3036 Quinto Way had rented out the home numerous times and it had been the site of at least a dozen parties.

“But if you’re renting [it] out, and it’s a party situation, where they’re only coming to your house and partying, it’s probably not a great idea, right? Because it imposes on the neighbors, of course, and it makes it dangerous here,” said Allegrezza.

A man arrived at the home Sunday morning and identified himself as the property owner, but then left and declined an on-camera interview. Public records indicate the owner’s name is Damtew Ayele.

“That’s the one thing I asked my neighbor, when I seen him. I said, ‘Did you or did you not know they had 12 parties in a row?’ And I knew the answer was yes or no. Took him a while, because he finally said ‘Yes.’ Because I heard him cleaning up the beer bottles from last night’s party. So the owner should’ve known better for sure,” said Allegrezza.

A check of available rental homes on Quinto Way turned up no results on Airbnb’s website. A company spokesperson said he was looking into the matter.

Ejaz said he did not feel safe living near a “party house.”

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“Pretty nerve wracking to happen so close to where we live,” said Ejaz. “I think they need to vet whoever is renting. It certainly needs to be tightly regulated. And I feel like today, that’s not happening.”