SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) — A Sonoma County jail inmate has been charged with attempted murder after he attacked two deputies with a crudely-made jailhouse shank inside his cell, authorities said.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department said the incident took place around 10 a.m. Wednesday when deputies entered Sean Seeman’s cell to conduct a routine inspection.

When one of the deputies picked up a pile of clothing off the floor, Seeman allegedly lunged at him with a sharp weapon, swinging wildly, attempting to stab him in the head or neck area.

The deputy was able to block Seeman’s hand and shove him backwards on the bed. The weapon flew out of Seeman’s hand and the two deputies were able to pin him to the bed until backup deputies responded and took him into custody.

The weapon was later determined to be a toothbrush that had been filed to a point and wrapped with a cloth handle to make it into a stabbing instrument. This type of sharpened object is commonly referred to as a shank.

Both deputies involved in the incident were taken to a local hospital for treatment and were later released. Seeman was uninjured.

Seeman has been booked on additional charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon against a peace officer, obstructing a peace officer with violence and manufacture of weapon by an inmate.

He has been in the Sonoma County Jail since July, 2018 when he was arrested on felony assault charges. He is being held without bail.