DUBLIN (CBS SF) – BART riders on the Dublin-Pleasanton line experienced major delays Wednesday morning after multiple trains did not show up.

Commuters at the Dublin-Pleasanton station took to social media around 7:30 a.m., noting that trains did not show up for at least half an hour and that the platform became very crowded.

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Riders said a train eventually showed up before 8 a.m., but was packed.

According to an announcement aboard the train that eventually showed up at Dublin/Pleasanton, the delay was due to an equipment failure on a prior train, but a BART spokesperson initially told KPIX 5 that there were no equipment problems.

Later Wednesday, BART spokesman Chris Filippi said it was determined a Dublin/Pleasanton-bound train from Daly City was not dispatched due to an equipment problem at the Daly City yard and in response, a train from another yard was dispatched to try to fill the gap.

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Normally, four trains depart from the Dublin-Pleasanton station during the 7 a.m. hour, according to the BART website.