MONTEREY COUNTY (CBS SF) – Authorities are searching for vandals who spray painted the message “Overtourism Is Killing Big Sur” nearly two weeks after a similar message was posted on the famed Bixby Bridge.

According to the Salinas Californian newspaper, vandals painted the message in gold on the parking lot next to the bridge Sunday.

“This type of vandalism will not be tolerated by the California Highway Patrol,” the Monterey office of the California Highway Patrol said in a statement to the newspaper. “The cost of labor and materials to clean up this type of vandalism will cost the State of California approximately $1700.”

The CHP went on to say the suspects could face felony vandalism charges.

Over the 4th of July weekend, a group placed a banner in bold letters that read “Overtourism is Killing Big Sur” on the bridge itself. The banner was quickly removed.

A banner reading "Overtourism is Killing Big Sur" was hung on the Bixby Bridge over the July 4 holiday weekend. (CBS)

A banner reading “Overtourism is Killing Big Sur” was hung on the Bixby Bridge over the July 4 holiday weekend. (CBS)

Locals in the community along the Monterey County coast have expressed frustration over the negatives from tourism to the area, which include heavy traffic and bad behavior from visitors.

Earlier this year, someone launched an Instagram account intended to shame bad behavior in the Big Sur area, such as standing on Highway 1, trampling wildflowers or getting too close to wildlife.