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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Meet Herbie. He’s not a fan of paddle boarding, but pretended to be a good spot for about 30 seconds. Extracurricular activities aside, he’s the most amazing dog I’ve ever met and it’s not just because I’m biased.

This guy came into my life eight years ago when I was working in Jacksonville, FL.

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A pit bull rescue I’d interviewed several times for stories asked me if I’d advertise his availability on my Facebook page. (Pugs weren’t really their market)

They sent over a picture of him wearing a bandanna and grinning at the camera. I promptly refused the post, but accepted the dog. We’ve never looked back.

Since then, he’s been by my side for four moves, three road trips and countless memories.

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His breath isn’t always the best, but when it comes to personality, Herbie takes the cake.

He’s the most loving, even tempered, fun dog who will be your friend for life if you give him some cheese.

We share the same opinion of exercise (less is better) and the man who’s now my husband (he’s pretty, great, Herbie approved).

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He turns 12 in December and plans to live forever.