HAYWARD (CBS SF) — A man who police say was waving a replica firearm on a busy street in Hayward was shot and injured by responding police officers Tuesday.

Police converged on a stretch of Mission Blvd. in Hayward between Valle Vista Ave. and Tennyson Blvd. around 9 a.m. after witnesses reported seeing a man waving a gun, Hayward police spokeswoman Officer Claudia Mau said.

Two officers confronted the suspect and for reasons still unexplained, the officers opened fire.

“When the officers arrived, they discharged their firearms and then the male was transported to the hospital,” said Mau. “It is expected he is going to survive.”

When Mau was asked what prompted the officers to open fire, Mau said, “It’s still an ongoing investigation, so we don’t want to speculate at this time. We will release more information as soon as that becomes available.”

Mau said it wasn’t until after the shooting that the firearms was found to be a replica, and that body camera footage would be released at a later time.

The suspect was described as an Asian male in his 20s but no further information about him was released. “We are still working on notifying the family so we are not releasing any information at this time,” said Mau.

Mau also did not say how much time passed between when the officers arrived and when they opened fire, whether the suspect pointed the replica firearm at the officers, and how many shots were fired by the officers – repeating that the details were still under investigation.

“This is a criminal investigation as well as an internal investigation is being conducted with Internal Affairs, and then we also have an independent investigation as common protocol with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office,” said Mau.

The two unidentified officers were placed on paid administrative leave as is common policy, Mau said.

Mission Blvd. was blocked off between Valle Vista Ave. and Tennyson Road near the South Hayward BART Station during the investigation.