By Don Ford

SANTA ROSA (KPIX 5) – Summertime in Sonoma County is really nice, and it turns out that rattlesnakes like it too.

The recent hot weather has Rattle Snakes popping up all over Sonoma County, they are looking for food, mates and warmth. Homeowner Suzanna Farver says, some are coming to her house. “We have found snakes as close as underneath that bench near the front door.”

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Suzanna used to have four cats. Now she has three. “He went around the corner of the house, [The Cat?] Yes, the cat did and there was some tall grass back there and I didn’t’ know it at the time but he got bite by a Rattlesnake.”

Suzaana doesn’t believe in killing snakes so this morning, she is delivering another rattler from her home to the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue. Al Wolf runs the Reptile Rescue.

“This is the typical large sized Rattle Snake for this county,” says Wolf.

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He says his phone is ringing all day long. Little rattlers, big rattlers, all are dangerous. But he says, ‘please don’t kill them.’ “This is just an example of what I can get in a day. [You got all these this week?] Yeah, yesterday. [Yesterday!?] Just yesterday. [So, snakes are running all over Sonoma County?] They are!”

This is the beginning of rattlesnake mating season which also brings them out.

Suzanna Farver says, “It is scary. I still get heart palpitations when I see one.”

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The rattlers are driven to a remote private property high in the Sonoma hills and released.