SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – An unmarked police car slammed into a bus stop shelter injuring an officer and a suspect, and shutting down a major thoroughfare in San Francisco.

Plainclothes officers responded to reports of car burglary suspects near Geary Boulevard and Webster Street in Japantown around 5:20 pm Saturday, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

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“They were chasing two auto burglary suspects, during that time they called for additional units. At that time an unmarked police car arrived on the scene, at which time an accident occurred,” said SFPD Officer Joseph Tomlinson.

SFPD says that car hit one of the suspects and an officer. They were both rushed to the hospital. The suspect suffered life-threatening injuries.

The second car burglary suspect was taken into custody.

“These people are breaking in cars like mad, I mean this morning my car got broken into,” said Cory Smiley of San Francisco.

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Smiley says his car has been broken into on Geary Boulevard nine times this year. He says it has cost him $7,000 dollars to replace his windows multiple times.

“Right here, it’s known for breaking into cars, and we keep asking the cops, ‘can you guys please just hide out, catch them.’ Because it’s sickening,” said Smiley.

Fred Shevchenko has lived in the area for the last 20 years.

“Here in Japantown we have tourists, who unfortunately come out of town, they leave their stuff in the car, we have folks that come out to the Chinese consulate, I see this almost on a daily basis. They’re coming back to their cars in shock,” said Shevchenko.

SFPD says the officer who was struck along with the suspect sustained non-life threatening injuries.

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Traffic and Muni buses were rerouted during the investigation, causing delays.