VISALIA (CBS SF) — A Tulare County resident has died from health complications associated with the use of e-cigarettes, county health officials announced Monday evening.

“With sadness, we report that there has been a death of a Tulare County resident suspected to be related to severe pulmonary injury associated with vaping,” said Dr. Karen Haught, a Tulare County Public Health Officer.

Officials added that the resident was over 40 years old and suffered from other health problems.

There have been three reports of vaping-related pulmonary illnesses in the county. The death announcement came hours after California governor Gavin Newsom announced a $20 million public campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of vaping nicotine and cannabis products.

Symptoms of vape-associated pulmonary injury (or VAP) include shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, nausea, fever, vomiting or diarrhea, according to Tulare County health officials.

President Donald Trump said last week that his administration will propose banning thousands of flavored e-cigarette products to stifle the recent rise in vaping-related deaths and underage vaping.


In their announcement Monday evening, Tulare County health officials also warned the community about the dangerous effects of using e-cigarettes. “Anyone considering vaping should be aware of the serious potential risk associated with vaping,” said Haught.