By Don Ford

LAFAYETTE (KPIX 5) — A band of wild pigs has invaded a Contra Costa County community, leading some East Bay homeowners to try and scare the animals off with some strange methods.

A green, beautifully manicured, well watered lawn in Lafayette is a perfect playground for a rampaging pack of pigs, according to one local home owner and pig-rampage victim.

“They’ve been coming around in the middle of the night and wreaking havoc, as you can see,” Lafayette home owner Jennie, who only wanted to be identified by her first name.

Pigs have been around Lafayette for years but, this young bunch of pigs is tearing up lawns all along Paradise  Boulevard.

“Everyone’s kinda frustrated! They’re doing all this damage and it’s hard to contain the problem.” said Jennie.

Night surveillance video recently caught three little pigs rooting up a back yard, running around playing without any concern and eating their way through the green grass. Bill Keeling says he nearly lost his entire front yard.

“They love freshly watered lawns,” said Keeling.

He stopped watering his lawn, but Keeling says it’s too late for him. One neighbor installed a motion activated sprinkler. At first the pigs scatter, moments later they only step out of the waters range. Within hours they completely ignore it.

Animal control experts say pig are smart.

Jennie came up with a left field plan she hopes will keep pigs away.

“I’ve actually put spicy Cheerios out. Cayenne Pepper Cheerios. It’s hard to say. I think it might have helped a little bit,” explained Jennie.

Scattered across the ground, it’s unclear if the red-hot Cheerios will keep the pigs away or attract them. Keeling had other ideas.

“We’ll just take the lawn out and out in shrubbery and other plants. I give up!” said Keeling.

It’s suspected there are more than just these three little pigs rampaging the neighborhood at night.