By Katie Nielsen

PLEASANTON (KPIX) – A Pleasanton family is still trying to recover after a terrifying burglary attempt. Now the Pleasanton based start-up, Deep Sentinel, has stepped in to provide additional security with cameras monitored by guards around the clock.

The Leggett’s had a Ring security camera installed near the front door that captured video or a man knocking on the front door of their Pleasanton home on September 11.

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“They wanted to see if someone was home,” said Andrea Leggett. She said she didn’t answer the door because she was in the shower.

A few moments later, the two men can be seen pulling masks over their face as they start to kick in the door.

Right as they make their way in, Andrea can be heard screaming.

“At that point, I was scared,” she said. “They were just trying to get whatever they could really quickly.”

David Selinger is the founder of the Pleasanton home security start-up Deep Sentinel.

When he heard about what happened to the Leggetts, he offered to install a Deep Sentinel security camera system at no cost.

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“We’re able to have these guards respond in a matter of seconds to any type of situation,” says Selinger.

After the Deep Sentinel cameras were installed, if someone walks up to the front door of the home, a guard in the monitoring center is watching the person’s every move. If the person looks out of place, the guard will step in and talk to the person through a speaker attached to the camera, and say ‘Hello, this is Deep Sentinel Security. Is there something I can assist you with?’

“We have been able to stop vandalisms, we stopped a home invasion down in San Bernadino a couple of weeks ago, we’ve stopped burglaries, we’ve stopped package theft,” says Selinger.

In the Leggett’s situation, the guards would have talked to the two men when they approached the door and if they didn’t leave, the guards would have called police.

“We’re calling them with a live situation, a description of the situation, a description of the suspect, and it’s something they can respond to,” says Selinger.

It’s another layer of security that’s helping the Leggett’s feel more comfortable.

“Definitely making us feel a lot more secure, safe, piece of mind,” says Andrea Leggett.

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Pleasanton Police have not made any arrests in the case and are asking anyone with information to contact them.