Every week ‘On a Positive Note’ highlights the most uplifting stories of the week with Michelle Griego.

Petaluma High School senior Aidan Spillane will be making a dream come true on November 2nd.  Spillane, born with a form of cerebral palsy called Polymicrogyria (PMG), will suit up and play for the Trojans football team in its rivalry game, “The Egg Bowl.” A special play will be run for Spillane. The Trojans head coach announced the news after practice in front of the team.

Spillane has served as the team’s water boy for the past four years and has been coming to games at Petaluma High since he was six years old.

Petaluma High School football coach Rick Krist tells Aidan Spillane he will suit up with the team as his teammates applaud. (CBS)

The Old Skool Café be among the food options at the new Chase Center in San Francisco, the new home of the Golden State Warriors. The Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood restaurant is hoping to share its mission along the way. Old Skool Café hires young people out of jail, foster care, or troubled homes and trains them in all aspects of the restaurant business.

“Before Old Skool, I had financial struggles, homelessness, I was living in bad neighborhoods,” Old Skool Café employee Joshua Hernandez said. “After Old Skool, I’m financially stable. I’m not homeless.”

Jason Becker was a guitar prodigy poised for stardom before he was diagnosed with ALS. After his father invented a way for Jason to compose music, Jason has been keeping his love alive. Now the 50-year-old Richmond local is being considered for a Grammy Award in five different categories for his new album “Triumphant Hearts.”