By Mark Sayre

GILROY (KPIX) — Gilroy police are investigating a massive sideshow involving hundreds of people in a Target store parking lot.

Gilroy police say more than 400 cars gathered at what the department calls an “organized event” on Oct. 11.

Police say it quickly turned into a sideshow with cars recklessly spinning doughnuts and doing burnouts.

Oscar Villalobos, who shops at the department store sees the dangers.

“You know, even if there isn’t anyone here, you don’t know who might be here at night. There could be people walking or bicyclists or even homeless so it can be a dangerous situation,” Villalobos said.

Now police are cracking down.

Using screen grabs from video shot by participants and security video from the store, Gilroy police say they have begun impounding some of the cars involved.

(Gilroy Police Dept. via Facebook)

In a Facebook post the department says it has obtained numerous court orders to seize vehicles.

The department posted photos of some the vehicles that it has impounded to this point from Santa Clara county, as well as from Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

“Something needs to happen,” Villalobos said.