By Andrea Nakano

RICHMOND (KPIX) – Six months ago, we at KPIX 5 lost a coworker to gun violence. Miguel Ramirez who worked as a janitor got caught in spray of gunfire outside his Richmond home.

Ramirez was just heading out to grab the newspaper when he got hit by a stray bullet and killed. Family members are saying 6 months have passed but it hasn’t gotten any easier.

Juliana Ramirez, his daughter says, “The suffering we are going through hasn’t stopped. It’s just hard.”

Time hasn’t begun to heal a wound left by the loss of her father, Miguel Ramirez. He was only 56 years old when a bullet from a shooting blocks away struck and killed him.

His daughter Erica Ramirez says, “You wish it was a nightmare. It’s not fair, he didn’t deserve that.”

The last 6 months have been trying for the Ramirez family. They are just beginning to deal with their loss.

Erica Ramirez added, “I miss him every day so it’s like I lost a part of me.”

As the family tries to deal with the grief, they are bringing attention to his senseless murder. They wear pins and shirts with his photo hoping someone with information on the shooting will come forward to help police catch the killer.

Yesenia Guerrero, his niece says, “It’s not going to fill the void that we have in our hearts but we need answers.”

Miguel Ramirez left behind his parents and his 3 daughters and 4 granddaughters. Now his youngest daughter is about to welcome the first baby boy of the family into the world next spring, a baby that was conceived 6 months ago.

The Richmond Police Department says it does not have any new information to release but it is actively investigating the case.